General Information

Designation of Students

1. Full time/Part-time ministry students – these are students that definitely sense the leading of the Lord in the direction of full-time ministry whether that be pastor, missionary, church secretary, music minister, youth pastor, children’s director, Christian school teacher, Christian school administrator. 

2. Part-time Christian laymen – these are students that do not feel a call to ministry, but still would like to enhance their spiritual life by taking a few classes in a Bible college.  We are very excited about University students taking a course or two at night that will help strengthen them during their secular college experience.  There are several classes that especially meet this need.  We urge parents and young people to prayerfully consider this track of learning.  Students in this category may choose to audit these classes without credit, but it is strongly suggested that courses be taken for credit that full benefit might result.  Students who choose to audit classes are exempt from paying the matriculation fee.

Academic Standing

Part-Time Students:  Students taking fewer than 12 semester hours

Full-Time Students:  Students taking 12 semesters or more.  All dormitory students are required to be full-time students.

Class Standing

Freshmen: Those who have completed fewer than 32 credit hours.

Sophomore: Those who have completed 32-63 credit hours.

Junior: Those who have completed 64-95 credit hours.

Senior: Those who have completed at least 96 credit hours.


Transfer Credit 

Credits may be transferred from other institutions and applied when acceptable to a degree plan at HBC.  The transferred credit may be applied either as an equivalency class or as an elective.  Students that wish to graduate from HBC must take their last 30 semester hours from HBC.


Grading System and Scale

Grade points are computed on a 4.0 scale. The scale of grades for the official record is as follows:

A– Excellent: 93-100                                         

B– Above Average 85-92 

C– Average 76-84 

D– Below Average 70-75 (passing) 

F– Failure Below 70 


WP-  Withdrew passing 

WF– Withdrew failing 

*Automatically becomes an “F” if work is not completed within six weeks following the last day of class. Students that withdraw prior to the week of finals will receive a “WP” or “WF” .


Graduation Requirements

1. Minimum 128 semester hours completed in prescribed degree program.

2. Graduates must complete at least 30 semester hours at Hawaii Baptist College.

3. Minimum of 2.0 grade point average

4. Bill paid in full

5. Agreement with doctrinal statement and good testimony of Christian character and service.  (verified in a Petition for Graduation form that perspective graduates must submit.)

6. Oral Examinations will be given to graduating men

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